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Types of massages


The lymphatic massage is often known as lymphatic drainage. This gentle massage helps the body to stimulate the lymphatic system, which can help clients in a number of ways! Some of important benefits include:

  • Improved metabolism.
  • Promotes the removal of bodily waste(s).
  • Reduces toxins in the body.
  • Promotes immune system health.

The Lymphatic Drainage Massage can benefit everyone, as it promotes overall lymphatic health, improving the immune system, reduces waste & toxins, improves metabolism, and drains the body of excess fluids, which may cause bloating, and water retention.

If you are often sick or are in need of a boost to your immune system Aromatherapy Lymphatic Massage can help you!


This scrub is meant to cleanse the entire body, relieving the client of inner toxins and free-radicals that compromise the immune system and have a negative effect on overall health & wellness. Our expert staff uses specially soothing spa botanicals and extracts to lather and cleanse the body, from top to bottom, removing the outer layer of dull, dead skin, as well as any dirt, debris, and oils that may be clogging the pores, keeping your skin from “breathing”. This helps in the removal of bacteria that may be causing acne, cysts, rashes, or other dermal abrasions at the skin’s surface.


Our Beauty Massage uses revolutionary Radio Frequency (RF) technology to not only restore & rejuvenate your skin, but it also shapes & contours at the same time! This procedure can be done on the face as well as the body.


  • Tightens the skin.
  • Restores, and rejuvenates “dead”, dull skin.
  • Gives you a natural glow.
  • “Plumps” and hydrates skin.
  • Relaxing procedure.
  • Non-invasive, and pain-free.
  • Alleviates wrinkles, fine lines, facial depressions, and folds.
  • Results are long lasting.
  • Reduces the appearance of cellulite, and loose skin


For most men and women, the back can be a constant source of chronic pain! Whether you work construction, sit at a desk, or run after kids all day, everyday movements can wreak havoc on your back, and its associated muscle tissue.

Our bodywork experts are trained to identify the areas of the back where our clients carry the most tension, as well as areas that may have knots, adhesions, or tissue rigidity. They will do their best to provide patients with a soothing, stress-free environment, to help you forget about your worries!


After a long day of work, or walking around, there is nothing better than a nice, relaxing foot massage! Our bodywork experts can help you relieve that tension and pamper your feet after a tough day. Whether you’re an avid runner, or may be on your feet all day at work, many of us do damage to our feet on a daily basis! To benefit of your most important body parts, we recommend regular foot massages.


Cavitation is a revolutionary new fat removal technique, originated in Europe. It was invented as a pain-free, non-invasive alternative to surgery or liposuction. Combined with our special Fat Removal Massage, we are able to help patients tackle those stubborn extra few pounds of belly fat or help you tone those hard-to-lose thighs.


  • Reduces cellulite, and helps to prevent it in the future
  • Reduces the appearance of orange skin
  • Rejuvenates the skin in the treatment area
  • Reduces superficial surface blemishes along the skin’s surface
  • Helps destroy fat cells
  • It is purely non-invasive, simply uses a hand-held massage device
  • Leaves no scarring
  • 0 downtime


Many of us deal with stress and tension on a daily basis. In addition to carrying stress in the back and shoulders many of us carry tension in the forehead and temples. This tension can be a huge impediment to everyday life, causing a number of symptoms such as:

  • Vascular Headaches
  • Tension Headaches
  • Neck and Spine Pain
  • Blurred Vision
  • Nausea
  • Trouble Sleeping
  • Lethargy
  • Overall aches & pains

In order to combat these issues, our bodywork experts have trained in a number of massage techniques, one of the most important involves the use of pressure points along the body. One of the most vital of these points are at the temples, the area between the ears and forehead.

Our bodywork experts create a tranquil, relaxing environment, providing the patient with a sense of overall peace and serenity. If you are carrying tension in the head and often suffer from headaches, or are simply looking for a relaxing face and head massage, this is the massage for you!


One of our most popular massage techniques available today, Swedish Massage Therapy offers amazing tension relief and stimulates overall healing.
Our Swedish Massage is a deep-tissue massage, working the body in either a slow and gentle or vigorous and bracing approach. Depending on personal preference. The Swedish Massage is also perfect for those with light to medium chronic muscle pain.
Another variation includes circular strokes, applied by the hands and palms, in a firm kneading motion. Depending on your personal preference feel free to request specific variations of the Swedish Massage.


The European Massage, is one of our most popular massage techniques. Often, the European Massage is compared to the Swedish Massage, as they both are well-known for their soothing feel and therapeutic nature.

The European Massage is an extremely relaxing, and soothing massage. The use of certain oils and techniques, puts the client in an extremely relaxed state, allowing them to free both the mind & body from the stresses of daily life!

If you are in need of relaxation and tension relief, then the European Massage is for you. In addition to the relaxation, the European Massage helps clients in a number of ways, including improved circulation, and blood flow to and from the heart.